RCM4 Rail Current Analyser


A hand-held, easy-to-use instrument for measuring current levels and frequencies in railway track circuits. Signal analysis is performed by a mix of FFT and zero-crossing analysis algorithms. Results are displayed in bar-chart and numerical formats in rms Amps. Non-linear calibrations, out-of-limits warnings, etc are handled by internal look-up tables.

The instrument can be pre-configured for a variety of Line signalling combinations.

This instrument is no longer manufactured, but please contact us for information about repair and calibration facilities.


Analyser Case 146 x 91 x 33 mm with yellow rubber
 protective boot.
Display 128x64 pixel LCD, backlit, black on white.
 Back-light dims after 3 mins without keypress.
Power supply 2 x AA alkaline cells, giving up to 30 hours operation. Green LED switches to orange when about 4 hours battery life remains.
Transducer Rocoil switchable flatbottom/bullhead type
 with short handle and 1.2 metre cable.
Keypad Membrane keypad (microswitch).
Frequency options JTC, TI21, “Points & Crossings”, 33 1/3 Hz, 125 Hz, 125-coded, Spot, 50 Hz 
or "Universal" (= all frequency options.)
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